Small Engine Repair Essay

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Imagine after a long day of work going home and finding that your yard needs to be mowed. Your lawn mower is not starting, your weed whacker is broken, and nothing is going your way. You do not have a clue what is wrong with your equipment and it is only minutes before the store closes. Now you need to load all of your equipment up into the back of the truck or on the trailer. You are speeding down the road to get to the store before they flip the closed sign but you do not make it in time. Not only have you wasted valuable time, but you have to start the whole process over tomorrow. Being a small engine repair man as a hobby or a career you could save both time and money by having the ability to fix the equipment you own, at home and…show more content…
(Source B). Small engine mechanics work on a range of equipment from motorcycles to weed whackers. A mechanic will figure out what the problem is with the engine, buy replacement parts if needed, fix it, then return it to the customer good as new. Machines do work on a wide variety of things, and on many different difficulty levels. Small engine mechanics do not use computers as much as larger vehicle mechanics. The only time that a small engine mechanic would use a computer with the engine is to do some fine tuning on racing motorcycles. Even though the employer will supply large equipment like the computer, the employee is responsible for their own handy tools. Some people have thousands of dollars in to their tools. Some people are a small engine repair man as a hobby or as a career. To make a career out of small engine repair one would have to attend school. Finding small engine mechanics are hard to do now days. Many small engine mechanics do not attend college but receive a high school diploma. Most employers will teach a less experienced person on the job. Employers will still have to see how well you are in basic reading, math, science, and mechanics. Training to be a full time mechanic anywhere is a lot of work. Trainees will have to retain a lot of information at once depending on what they are doing. One would start out by simply replacing spark plugs to highly advance mechanical experience to overhauling
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