Small Group Communication : An Effective Communication

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Khalid Alanazi June 12, 2015 COMM 2110 Small Group Analysis Paper 1. Small Group Communication The small group communication is an interpersonal communication within groups between thirty to twenty individuals. It is very important to have a quality communication such as information-sharing behavior and helping attitude among the members of group. The positive attitude and productive relationship between the group members help in increasing the performance of group. For quality communication, all the group members are required to identify with the group and they must participate in interaction and must have strong commitment with the team members. 2. Theories or Concepts of Small Group Communication Theories influence individuals in many…show more content…
Henceforth correspondence can be considering a powerful in light of the fact that by the correspondence objectives in gathering can be accomplished by gathering individuals. By useful observation, analysts are anxious with perceiving structure and parts of gathering correspondence that create the craved results of gathering (Hug, Beebe, & Masterson, 2004). 2.2 Symbolic Convergence Theory Symbolic Convergence Theory is a general communication theory which explains the motives, values, emotions and meaning for action are in the language and words that are created by the individuals in order to make sense of their experience (Cragan, Wright, & Kasch, 2008). The SCT explains how small groups come to create a unique symbolic identity that is a source of motivation among group members and group pride. The unique symbol of a group also brings the members close and they feel sense of oneness. In this theory, spoken and nonverbal messages are considered as symbolic and meaning and shared understanding are referred to as convergence (Larson, 2009). 2.3 Structuration Theory The structuration theory distinguishes between systems such as norms, rules, policies, procedures, practices, structures, small groups and other resources that system uses to function and sustain it. According to structuration theory, small groups are like systems and they are either made by structures or they produce structure.
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