Small Group Communication Class

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In this paper, I will reflect the process of improvement which is about what and how I improved since the class started. Learning Small Group Communication class is a new and interesting experience for me. During the class, I start to know more professional knowledge and how I could work well in my small group. First, our group works well because we have many good rules. The book says, “Group ground rules are explicit, agree-on prescriptions for acceptable and appropriate behavior. (112)” Our group rules, for example, are to finish own tasks before having group meeting which helps us have efficient works. About what we are getting in the way, I think is before we not knew our common purpose and specific roles are important when having…show more content…
Reasons are first I think because I am easy to be nervous when having presentation and as an international student I need more time to prepare to make sure I could do the best. And interaction is an important part when having presentation, because it’s the way to know our classmates understand what we are present or not and could also make presentation interesting and smoothly. What I want to keep same are our roles, parts we present and activities we create. Because our roles and what we decide to present is good, it’s under our fair decision. And activities we create are the result of our brainstorming, it’s interesting and make our classmates could understand what we present. Lastly, about what is the most important lesson I learned this semester I think is “Enhancing Communication Skills in Groups”, because knowledge what we learned are important in every groups’ working, for example the nonverbal communication, is the good way we could know member’s thinking by using eye’s contact, facial expression, and using nonverbal messages could make group’s works having high
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