Smart Car Marketing Plan

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Smart USA Marketing Plan
Megan Barnett, Johnathon Bish, Nathan Downes, and Hannah Loyd
DeVry University, BUSN 319
April 6, 2009

Introduction and Mission Statement What seems to be the trend in today’s market and what some are already practicing is the “green” life style. There is a need to create a product that can adhere to this lifestyle in a way that helps the planet, can be done safely and in style, with effortless routine, while clearly stating that you are contributing to the “green” way of life. Environmentalism, which is associated with the color green, is a broad philosophy and social movement which is centered on a concern for the conservation and improvement of the environment (Wikipedia, 2009). This movement is
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There may, however, be some costs associated with the popularity of the Smartfortwo: The competition is catching onto the theme and introducing like models; there may be added costs for hiring more management, staff and laborers; and introducing the car in a market where the unemployment rate is higher than other areas in the region. By evaluating the current target market and then focusing on the lower-income families and marketing to that niche, Smart USA and Penske may stabilize or continue to see an increase in sales and profit.
Current Target Market
Women and city dwellers are among the top target markets for the Smart car. Additionally, trendsetters, and the environmentally conscious and safety conscious are also targeted. Women and trendsetters are targeted mostly because of the style and background of
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