Smart Cities

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Smart Cities will be the biggest enabler of Internet of Things Before going on and on about the mentioned subject, a question must be answered. What is a smart city? A smart city is a city where modern technologies and advanced resources are used to uplift the standard of living with the society. The target is achieved with better resource management and adapting methods that are more in accordance with the environment. A smart city is a city which has lower levels of pollution and other adverse effects on the biosphere and environment around it. It might sound something of similitude from science fiction of some perfect utopian future where robots serve as personal comfort assistants of the Human race, people travelling in flying cars or…show more content…
Firstly, to improve the basic public infrastructure with data analytics to support an all-round socio-economic and cultural development. Secondly, to increase the collective intelligence of the cities by engaging the masses in issues of local governance and other public affairs by use of open innovation and e-participation. Thirdly, a smart city uses IT to make the masses learn, adapt and innovate there by elevating the standards of the society and resulting in betterment of the society. Smart cities need smart and intelligent consumers and to achieve that, we have to evolve towards a strong integration of Human Intelligence, Collective Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence within the city. The intelligence of a city is intrinsically comprised of four components, such as the nerves (digital communication networks), the brains (embedded intelligence), the sensory organs (various sensors and tags and other input sources, both organic and artificial in nature) and the knowledge and cognitive competence (the various software that interprets the input data and applies the necessary outputs and modifications to the system). This form of Intelligence in a smart city can be demonstrated in following ways. Orchestration Intelligence, where institutions and community based problem solving and execution are implemented. Empowerment Intelligence, where the city provides elevated and empowered experimental infrastructures to promote collective and individual
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