Smart Cookie : Global Expansion Essay

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Smart cookie: Global expansion The global marketplace is an excellent and exciting and high paced. It offers businesses and companies with a broader client base, and it means that there has to be an application for all the relevant strategies intended to bring business growth. It also offers these organizations the chance to create variation to their goods or rather products most likely unheard of/not familiar only operating in America or their domestic countries (Siegert, 2011). The objective of this report is utilizing the SWOT analysis to determine quickly the international markets that Kraft Foods need to enter and venture and also ways of developing strategies for the new products. One of the most influential and powerful weapons of a corporation has in the globe to get into global markets in their respective reputation. Apparently, money and healthy products are the additional weapons. SWOT analysis entails the examination and assessment of both internal and external factors which include the (opportunities and the threats) such as the business strengths and weaknesses that may impact an organization. Having the ability to determine the SWOT analysis offers a corporation with the potential and power to determine its strategic plan. It is important for a business to ensure that they fully maximize their high points and opportunities and reduce its weaknesses and threats to be able to position itself ahead of the strategic team. When applied effectively, this strategy

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