Smart Crawler, For Efficient Harvesting Deep Web Interfaces Essay

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As deep web grows at a very fast pace, there has been increased interest in techniques that help efficiently locate deep-web interfaces. However, due to the large volume of web resources and the dynamic nature of deep web, achieving wide coverage and high efficiency is a challenging issue. We propose a two-stage framework, namely Smart Crawler, for efficient harvesting deep web interfaces. In the first stage, Smart Crawler performs site-based searching for center pages with the help of search engines, avoiding visiting a large number of pages. To achieve more accurate results for a focused crawl, Smart Crawler ranks websites to prioritize highly relevant ones for a given topic. In the second stage, Smart Crawler achieves fast in-site searching by excavating most relevant links with an adaptive link-ranking. To eliminate bias on visiting some highly relevant links in hidden web directories, we design a link tree data structure to achieve wider coverage for a website. Introduction The deep (or hidden) web refers to the contents lie behind searchable web interfaces that cannot be indexed by searching engines. Based on extrapolations from a study done at University of California, Berkeley, it is estimated that the deep web contains approximately 91,850 terabytes and the surface web is only about 167 terabytes in 2003. More recent studies estimated that 1.9 zettabytes were reached and 0.3 zettabytes were consumed worldwide in 2007. An IDC report estimates that the total of all

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