Smart Goal Setting Principles

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How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case? SMART Goal setting clearly applied here. In order for the employees and their leaders to produce the desired result of lessening stress by lessening work overloads through systematic methods. While employees are given specific set of task, duties, assignments, and responsibilities, their leaders from managers to upper administrations examine their departments alignment in terms of scope from re-engineering, restructuring, work redesign, to job redesign. The study pointed out issues and problems and proposes solutions to each of them and have HIS run efficiently and effectively. Some of the issues being addressed include excessive fragmentation, lack of team spirit, boredom, careless errors, tardiness, absenteeism, low morale, delays in decision making, low accountability, mediocrity, and skill levelling. Apparently, change is constant in the HIS departments at all levels. And in health care where change is occurring which also affects the nature, volume, and type of work in HIS departments. From the study, it took note that health information professionals have many roles and functions emerging from the transition to an electronic environment from a paper-based environment. The study suggest that managers and directors may use the indicators of change to monitor…show more content…
Some of the methods proposed such as authority and power of employees over their work, job specialization would encourage workers to learn and innovate at work, and increase the motivating potential of work. Clear instructions and step by step process clearly disseminated from directors to employees would allow workers to perform tasks more accurately and are more likely to find
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