Smart Goals. . By Attending Ashworth College, I Am Encouraged

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SMART Goals By attending Ashworth College, I am encouraged to set my specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based goals. First I want to mention my specific goal. This specific goal will map out my experience and knowledge with my associate’s degree. My objective is to finish my associate’s degree and publish a book, exercising my experience and degree. My aspiration is to become a successful author and speaker, by helping others. In finishing my degree and learning the essential tools, I will enhance my knowledge as an author. I desire to continue helping people change their lifestyles with an even higher education. As a bilingual artist, my reason for pursuing a higher education is doubly sought after and financially…show more content…
Obtaining a publisher makes my goal of publishing a book more attainable. I have contacted a renowned publishing company distributed through Zondervan and Thomas-Nelson, who publish the Bible and top selling Christian artists. I have them lined up to release my book. I have the right amount of effort and the resources saved up to achieve it. Having an outline and rough draft completed in 2014 makes me confident that with my college certification; it will be rewritten with excellence. Along with my publishing goals, I will maintain my focus on my associate’s degree. I need better psychological understanding to go along with my communication skills to be a more effective writer and speaker. I will attain my degree in psychology in order to be persuasive in that regard. I will itemize each objective with a compact task according to my current environment in order to reach my goal. I will intentionally reevaluate my position given my circumstance in order to be realistic about my associate’s degree and book. The relevancy of attaining an associate’s degree in less than 2 years is significant. As a touring recording artist, speaker and author; my higher education will allow me to enhance my current calling. Publishing a book is also relevant because a psychology degree is fitting for all responsibilities I currently have as a bilingual artist. Years ago I thought even as many did, that being bilingual was a distracting disadvantage. However,

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