Smart Goals Essay

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Smart Goals Essay Vanessa Goins Grand Canyon University MGT-605 (MGT-605-0103) Leadership Professor Andree Swanson March 21, 2013 Out of the three goals, (Personal, educational, and professional) I chose two of the goals that I am focusing on and that is my personal and educational goals. For my personal goals, I want to create a big picture of what I plan to do in life. Then I want to break them down in order to reach my goals, then once I have them together, then I would start working on them to achieve them. For example(Specific and Measurable goals), I plan on finding a job that has great benefits and the best rate of pay, and one that does not require working on weekends(Monday-Friday only), and not working overtime.…show more content…
I plan on earning my Master’s Degree within a year of Graduation. While I am currently in school, I will rely on my instructors, academic counselors, graduation team, the GCU Online Library, and the school’s other resources that will give me additional help when I need them. If I feel lost or a subject seems too difficult, then I will ask e-mail my instructors and let he or she know that I am having difficulty and that I need help. If I am feeling overwhelmed about school, I will seek the help and advice of my academic counselor to help me come up with a solution to help me feel relaxed and not stressed with taking online classes. I know that I will be successful if I always ask and seek help here at GCU. After all of this being said, I believe that I am a D1 in the development level, which is “The Enthusiastic Beginner” (Low Competence/High Commitment). I would be enthusiastic and be highly committed to doing my job if I were to have a certain position or even as a student in school on certain levels in my program, but at the same time, I would and still do not yet know all of the ropes yet. Right now I consider myself a very curious, inexperienced person who does quite have the skills required for the job in hand or the things that I have learned in school so far, but I am yet hopeful that I will learn to develop and learn more and more skills in the near future. References Fowler, S. B., Blanchard,
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