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Smart technologies for older people a systematic literature review of smart technologies that promote health and wellbeing of older people living at home

May 2012 Authors
Meg Morris, PhD Chair Physiotherapy, The University of Melbourne Elizabeth Ozanne, PhD Associate Professor, Social Work, The University of Melbourne Kim Miller, PhD Senior Lecturer Physiotherapy, The University of Melbourne Nick Santamaria, PhD Chair Translational Nursing, The University of Melbourne Alan Pearce, PhD Senior Research Fellow, Deakin University Catherine Said, PhD Research Fellow Physiotherapy, The University of Melbourne Brooke Adair, B.Phys Research Assistant, The University of Melbourne

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In 2010, 13% of the population was over the age of 65 years and by 2050 this is predicted to rise to around 20%. Australia has been proactive in response to population ageing, with a well articulated policy in relation to residential and community care since the mid 1980s. Given its comparatively small population of 22 million, there has been time for the government, the broader community and institutional structures to plan ahead to respond appropriately to the social and economic implications of an ageing society. Since the mid 1980s, in line with international trends amongst mature developed economies, there has been a gradual shift from institutional to community care and the articulation of ‘ageing in place’, ‘productive’ and ‘active ageing’ policies. Governments of both the right and the left in Australia have actively pursued these agendas, influenced by the policy leadership of key international agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), OECD and various initiatives of the International Year of Older Persons (Australian Government Treasury, 2010; Commonwealth of Australia Productivity Commission, 2011; Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2001). In the light of rapidly growing demand and the development of new service modes and technologies, ageing and community care policies have been under constant review. The National Productivity Commission has just completed a major inquiry into Care of Older
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