Smart Machines: Trending Technology

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Watson, a computer that can interact with humans, sense, decipher and recognize questions and answer them with unbelievable accuracy. Watson’s introduction to the 21st century was aired on the popular TV show “Jeopardy.” The competition Watson faced while playing on the game show were some of the best players to ever play the game. A one-word summary of how the human mind compared to the smart machine over the course of three episodes was undesirable. Watson embarrassed two of the best players to ever participate in the show. The speed at which Watson processed verbal questions and answered them was nothing short of amazing. It was evident that each member of the team that created Watson had a strong sense of accomplishment for how his or her machine preformed. So now there is a really smart machine that can win on a game show, big deal. What does this really mean? Although Watson is an exception to the current list of smart machines, there are still many of them, and as evident with Watson, the IT world is continuing to press forward and enhance the smartness of each machine. What can we expect for the 2020? What are potential positive and negative effects of smart machine for each American? What consideration should be made globally before implementing this type of operating system? These are all…
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