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Case study: Smart’s Netphone © VisionMobile 2011 1 Case study: Smart’s Netphone About VisionMobile VisionMobile is an industry analysis and strategy firm. We offer research reports, executive workshops and strategy at the crossroads of telecoms innovation and software economics. VisionMobile Ltd. 90 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9RZ +44 845 003 8742 Follow us: @visionmobile About the sponsor This case study is sponsored by Red Bend Software, a key partner behind the launch of the Smart Netphone. VisionMobile has retained full editorial control of this study. License Copyright © VisionMobile 2011. All rights reserved. Feedback? For comments, feedback and more information:…show more content…
- In developing the Netphone, Smart has used an ‘agile’ development process. Rather than following the traditional RFI/RFQ ‘waterfall’ software procurement process, Smart has established joint operational and R&D teams with its suppliers. The teams iterate continuously on the Netphone applications through three-month cycles of development, testing and user feedback. - Initial rollout goals are modest, with Smart planning to sell 200,000 Netphones by the end of 2011, with plans to address the mass-market with sub-$100 phones in 2012. - We believe that Smart’s Netphone offers three important lessons for the operator community. First, Smart has focused on its core services (messaging, address book, and mobile money), leaving all other applications to business partners. Second, rather than use the traditional RFI/RFQ software procurement process, Smart has pursued an ‘agile’ development process with three-month develop-learn-fix cycles. Third, over-theair software updates mean new services can reach Smart’s entire base of deployed Netphones faster. © VisionMobile 2011 3 Case study: Smart’s Netphone Smart Communications: sophisticated services in an unsophisticated market Smart Communications is a wholly owned subsidiary of PLDT (the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company). PLDT is the leading fixed line telecoms provider in the Philippines, having been established for over 80 years. As the wireless division of PLDT, Smart

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