Smart Parking Essay

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Abstract— the development of an intelligent parking systems which offers a real time solution to the parking problem is a key aspect of turning our smart city vision into reality. To achieve this goal, this paper proposes a solution that merge different technologies into one system. These technologies include RFID, WSN, NFC, Cloud, and smart phone. This architecture enables us to collect, the environmental variables , the occupancy state of parking spaces, and provide user directions to the nearest vacant parking spot by using a smart phone application in real time. This application also provides a service to the user with a highly advance and secure NFC-based e-wallet system to pay for parking fee. Furthermore, alerts events…show more content…
In a recent study, it is estimated that 30% of the daily traffic jam in an urban city is caused by vehicles trying for parking spaces, and due to lack of parking spaces, some drivers often use the parking spots reserved for special people, e.g. disabled. Finding parking space is not only waste of time and fuel, but it also increases pollution and drivers frustration. These issues can be resolved by the development of new smart parking systems able to better manage the urban parking areas and perform road traffic issues.

After analyzing all the IoT-enabling technologies, e.g. Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). We came to a conclusion that RFID and WSN are the best available technologies for the development of a smart parking system. RFID holds major advantages over others as it is low-cost, consumes low-power, and consist of passive devices called tags. These tags enables the user to transmit data when power is supplied to them via electromagnetic field generated by a reader. They usually have a long life span which makes them a strong contender for the development of a variety of useful applications. But RFID also have its limitations, due to their reduced operating range (i.e. Up to 10 m) we cannot use it for object identification and tracking within quite
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