Smart Phone Forensics And Cloud Computing

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1. BACKGROUND This thesis will review in detail the two rapidly growing areas of technology. That of Smart phone forensics and Cloud computing, with specific consideration given to Smart phone forensics procedures and methodologies. Android, Blackberry and iPhone are the three most popular mobile devices (Smart phones) in the mobile market, owned by consumers of all age groups, all over the world. Smart phones are no longer used just for making a phone call. They offer a myriad of features, such as: browsing the internet, checking emails, editing documents, GPS navigation, playing music, video conferencing, and much more. These features make Smart phones much more popular than other mobile phones. However, there are some constraints, such as weight, size, battery life and heat dissipation, which can greatly reduce the capacity of the mobile device for any applications. Nonetheless, with Cloud computing at the forefront of growing technologies, these constraints can be overcome by running and storing applications outside the mobile device. The key driving forces behind mobile Cloud computing are that of the universal wireless network, declining storage costs, and continuous improvements in internet computing software. (Dikaiakos, Katsaros, Mehra, Pallis & Vakali, 2010, p.11). There are tremendous amounts of data contained within third party applications that could be of interest in forensics investigations. Data such as the social activities of
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