Essay On Flip Phones

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When considering all the options in the cell phone world, I believe the flip phone is the best choice for many reasons. A flip phone brings very little stress and worry to your life. A flip phone doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like a smartphone therefore you won’t want to spend your free time looking at a tiny screen. Also, the price of a flip phone is considerably less than the high dollar smartphones. All these reasons are why I feel that a flip phone is a better option than a smartphone. First of all, flip phones are less stressful because you don’t hear your phone going off every 5 seconds. This can get aggravating after a few minutes with a smartphone. If you have a flip phone, you don’t have to worry about all of the notifications from like Snapchat and Instagram etc. Then, also with flip phones you have way less worry in your life that makes everything a lot nicer and happier. If you have a smartphone, you probably get aggravated a lot more than you would with a flip phone because like I said flip phones make life easier. When you have a flip phone you are zoned out from things which is good for a stress free life which is nice. Having a flip phone lets you have everything you really need and that is being able to call and text. Even though smartphones have a variety of apps that allow you to text or post pics, flip phones allow you to do the same but just not with the fancy filters, font, or stickers, so to me all the bells and whistles is
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