Smart Phones Have Potentially Limitless Abilities

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People, whether they want to or not get consumed in their smart phones at some time. They are able to do so many things now that make old machines out of date. The way technology continues to advance smart phones have potentially limitless abilities. It is very easy for people to get consumed in them, but their abilities outweigh their burdens. Smart phones are at the top of the technology food chain. Besides society relying on their smart phones they have outstanding features like communication, GPS, and can provide quality entertainment. Smart phones now allow you to communicate with anyone at any time. There are multiple features in doing so whether it is calling, texting, or communicating through social networks. Kids are able to keep in touch with their friends or their family with just a few buttons. Some of the older generations may think that kids are too dependent on them, but smartphones allow possibilities that they did not have as children. Parents now can keep in touch and feel safer while being away from their kids. Another form of communication is through social networks. As people get older and grow apart from friends and some relative’s social networks allow them to stay in touch or rekindle a past relationship. Something else that is popular is communicating through the camera on a cell phone. There is a countless amount of apps today that the camera is the main use. A couple that are the most used would be snapchat and skype/FaceTime. Snapchat is used to

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