Smart Phones Use Versus Face With Face Interaction

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Smart Phone use versus Face-to-Face Interaction
Justin Trapani
Adelphi University

My proposed research study seeks to examine the rationale of smartphone usage in social contexts. Smartphone usage is a very prevalent occurrence in our present day. We live in a society that is overly consumed by technology and inevitably we have become dependent on it. This led us to wonder whether the use of smart-phones is a pathogenic method of conforming to social norms or simply an adventitious occurrence. If an individual pulls out their smart-phone in the presence of another person, typically, the other individual will pull out their smart-phone, (whether to check emails, check texts, play games, etc.) however, is this because they lack the interpersonal communication skills to keep the flow of conversation? Our study focuses on uncovering the following factor: do individuals use their smartphones as an escape from face-to-face interaction? The purpose of this research study would be to determine if smart-phones have an impact on face-to-face communication/interaction. Additionally, I am interested to see if having a small number of people in the room (5), or a room with a large number of people in the room (15) plays a role in smart-phone usage versus face-to-face interactions.

Introduction: There may have been a time when owning a smartphone was uncommon. In contemporary society, it is uncommon to not own one. Although smartphones have allowed
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