Smart Phones as a Disruptive Technology for Business

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SMART PHONES AS A DISRAPTIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR BUSINESS PROBLEM This report was created in order to discuss, analyze and indicate the significant impact of smart phones over the business environment. It offers answers to the questions: 1) How smart phones have changed the world of business? What are the consequences? What is the indirect and direct impact over the business? 2) What advantages offer smart phones to the business? How they affect it? What could be expected in the future? 3) What are the concerns related to the change? What could be the future issue, which we should take into consideration? BACKGROUND In 1973, started the conception of combining technology and computing. In 1974, Theodore George Paraskevakos, who was “Years…show more content…
It is much more convenient to use it to check your bank account instead to go back to the office and do it on the computer. Unfortunately, smartphones became source of distraction and dangerous behavior. As an example is that 1 in 4 smart-phone owners say they check their phones while behind the wheel, even all prohibitions and penalties for texting and driving. Source: 2010 survey made of Ring Central According the survey more 47% of its participants spend 2/3 of the time their time on the smart phone. Only 17% of them spend 1/3 of their time talking by smart phone. Therefore, we can conclude that almost every second participant in the survey use 2/3 of the time talking on the smart phones. “Smartphonatic” is a new category of consumer, which defined as someone who changes shopping, banking and payment behavior after switching to a smart phone. According to a study by ACI Worldwide and Aite Group approximately, a quarter of smart-phone owners are considered smartphonatics. Source: 2010 survey made of Ring Central The significant 34% of the professionals say that they use their smart phones more than their computers. This percentage tends to increase as more the number of the integrated applications in the smart phones
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