Smart Stick For Visually Impaired

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Smart stick for the visually impaired
Bhushan R. Pallavi R. Akshay S. Rakesh P. Sunil C.
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Abstract— The paper presents a theoretical model and a system concept to provide a smart electronic aid for blind people. The system is intended to provide overall measures –Obstacle detrection with the use of ultrasonic and infrared (IR) sensors ,real-time assistance via global positioning system(GPS) and an Android device to provide ease of use and portability of the stick due to the popularity of android.The system consists of ultrasonic sensors ,IR sensor, Bluetooth module,Android device with GPS and dual feedback system- auditory as well as vibratory.The aim of the overall system is to provide a low cost and efficient navigation aid for blind. This paper reports on a study that may help visually-impaired people to walk more confidently. The study hypothesizes that a smart stick that can alert visually-impaired people over obstacles in front and could help them in walking with less accidents. The aim of the paper is to make a stick that could communicate with the users through voice alert and vibration,and help them in navigation with the help of and android device containing GPS, hence named Smart Stick. The development work involves coding and physical installation.

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