Smart Technology And Student Learning

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11. I used many different resources, including technology, to enhance student learning. This was done through Smart technology allowing my students to go on a virtual fieldtrip. They were able to learn more about the three environments and the types of animals that live in those environments. 12. During this lesson today, my students exhibited behaviors that showed me they were engaged. They listened to the expectations well and did exactly what I requested of them to do. They were actively listening and participating during the station time. 13.I was able to see that the students were focusing, responding, asking questions, volunteering, etc. throughout the lesson. I also gave formative assessments throughout the lesson as well as a final assessment. One example of a student’s response would be when my students were participating in small-group discussions with peers. I went to the station this student was at and asked the student how they knew what animals belonged in the desert environment. This student was able to articulate a response to me which demonstrated learning. Additionally, I did interviews with the students as a formative assessment. The final assessment took place when the students participated in the SmartBoard matching activity at the end of the lesson. 14. There were different ways I planned and managed my time and routines such as transitions and pacing so that instructional time was maximized. First of all, my class is familiar with transitioning
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