Smart Trolley for Malls

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Aim: Design of Smart Trolleys for malls

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In today’s ever fast growing world of boom the whole world is experiencing a fast growth. All the fundamental facilities are also growing. One such place where people can shop for almost everything is the mall.
As the malls have increased so has increased the no. of people visiting the particular mall. Today people have to wait in queue for the billing of their purchased products. This
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1 (active low) 4> Crystal pins at 13 -14 pin 5> 1 serial half duplex port (rc7 (rx.) –rc6 (tx.)) 6> Interrupts (rb0 (int0)- rb1 (int1)) 7> Inbuilt i2c bus (rc3 (scl) – rc4(sda)) 8> Inbuilt spi bus (ss,sdi,sck,cs)
RESET Circuit:
Reset is used for putting the microcontroller into a 'known' condition. That practically means that microcontroller can behave rather inaccurately under certain undesirable conditions. In order to continue its proper functioning it has to be reset, meaning all registers would be placed in a starting position. Reset is not only used when microcontroller doesn't behave the way we want it to, but can also be used when trying out a device as an interrupt in program execution, or to get a microcontroller ready when loading a program.
In order to prevent from bringing a logical zero to MCLR pin accidentally, MCLR has to be connected via resistor to the positive supply pole AND a capacitor from MCLR to the ground. Resistor should be between 5 and 10K and the capacitor can be in between 1µf tp 10 µf. This kind of resistor capacitor combination, gives the rc time delay for the µc to reset properly.
As shown in the above circuit we are connecting an RC circuit to the MCLR (pin1) of µC .The PIC µC has an active low reset, therefore we connect an RC circuit. As shown the capacitor is initially at 0v.It charges via the supply through a 10 kohm resistance in series, therefore the reset time of

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