Smart Vr : A Virtual Reality Environment For Mathematics, Engineering, And Science

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Our team of second-year computer science students presents the design for Ryerson Smart VR, a virtual reality environment for mathematics, engineering, and science. We believe Ryerson Smart VR will not only help improve the quality of student life here at Ryerson, but also provide a new and unique sensation at the Digital Media Experience.

Students in math, science, and engineering learn high-level concepts and ideas in class, but rarely get to see or experience those ideas for themselves. The labs being provided by Ryerson don’t always cover all the material covered in class, due to several factors such as time limits in labs, costs, or dangers and risks associated with doing the experiments in real life. Our team proposes Ryerson Smart VR will solve these issues by eliminating the need for real-life equipment. Students can instead conveniently and safely test theories of math, science, and engineering with their own senses. This will enhance students’ learning, stimulate their curiosity, and increase their confidence in their fields.

Ryerson students are taking classes that discuss complex ideas, including Linear Algebra, Calculus, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, to name a few. They need to understand what the concepts are, how they work, and what they mean. To help themselves with this, students have the lectures, the professors, textbooks, YouTube and images. Firstly, lectures are often boring and fail to engage students, since they usually involve the students

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