Smartphone Penetration Is Contributing Towards The Growth Of The Industry

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In the last few years, online shopping has secured consumer buying power with the help of mobile devices. According to an IBM report, mobile traffic accounted for 45 percent of all online traffic for the 2014 holiday season. We’re witnessing the next frontier of mobile ecommerce. Smartphone penetration is contributing towards the growth of the industry. People with smartphones represent 25% of the global population. As these devices become more accessible, we are likely to see mobile apps expand tremendously. By leveraging smartphones, companies can engage their customers with a better shopping experience. If you’re an owner of an online store, it’s imperative that you not only possess a well-designed mobile website, but also an app to provide customers with more shopping perks. For example, Zappos gives its mobile app customers free next business day shipping on all their orders. Unoptimized and unresponsive online stores drive mobile customers away. Failing to offer a mobile-friendly experience may result in your business losing out on some serious revenue. If you’re ready to take the leap to mobile, continue reading to learn about the inner workings of mobile ecommerce and how your company can benefit. Customers Like Mobile Ecommerce Mobile ecommerce is growing steadily. Data by Forrester Research shows that mobile will account for 9% of ecommerce sales by 2017. Furthermore, Adobe suggests that consumers will more likely purchase via mobile apps. Source Mobile

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