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The Advancement of Selected Brands of Smartphones in the Philippines

Submitted by:
Trisha Marie S. Daza
Rachel A. Dela Cruz
Alfredo Ross G. Duran Jr.
Alyssa Chriseth C. Honrado
Mary Novelyn B. Ledesma

A research paper submitted to
Professor Ernesto P. Fajardo as a partial requirement in the course of Technical Writing

October 3, 2014
Far Eastern University-Makati
Makati City, Metro Manila

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This term paper has been presentedby Rachel A. Dela Cruz, Mary Novelyn B. Ledesma, Alyssa Chriseth C. Honrado, Trisha Marie S. Daza and Alfredo Ross G. Duran Jr. This research paper entitled “The Advancement of Selected Brands of Smartphones in the Philippines” is a partial requirement of the course of
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It is become more powerful than using some other miniature computers like netbook and it is the kind of cellular phone that is more advance compared to ordinary cellular phones..
According to Rysavy (2010), a smartphone is a clever device with high-quality services that is portable, user-friendly, interactive and most importantly beneficial. Smartphones have made it possible to make simple task easy and accessible but has also made it a target to malware developers. And while smartphones are great weavers of communication it can become a nuisance to those who value face-to-face communication. Currently, the smartphone industry in the Philippines is rapidly growing due to the emergence of technology and communication needs of the society. There are two major Smartphone brands have emerged as competing brands: Samsung and Apple.
With the invention and launch of the iPhone and Samsung, it started a boom of smartphones throughout the world. Different manufacturers strive to prefect the perfect phone in order to commend their dominance in the smartphone industry. A perfect phone nowadays does not only include the actual notion of communicating with someone but has to have internet, games, a high definition camera, built in music application, a GPS, a video call function and much more. Even with those features it has to be user friendly, small enough to carry around but also big enough to use the services to its full potential. With the invention of the
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