Essay on Smartphone of the Year: Galaxy s5 vs. IPhone 5s

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According to techsmartt, there are twenty-five reasons why the galaxy s5 is superior to the iPhone 5s. What phone is better Android or iPhone? It has become a major question of the last decade in technology. The iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 are two of the top phones in the world right now. But which one is superior? Just by looking at both phones it is obvious that the Galaxy S5 has a much larger screen. The Galaxy S5 screen is fantastic; this naturally makes it a much better phone for watching videos on. It has much more natural-looking colors than the previous S-series phones, and is probably the best phone screen compared to the iPhone 5s.
When it comes to appearance the Galaxy S5 is even more durable. It is equipped with a sturdy back panel made of plastic, making it easier for the customer to replace the back. Unlike, the iPhone 5s that is made from aluminum when dropped it completely shatters, leaving the user with the only option of replacing the phone. Overall, just having a plastic design is beneficial for any type of phone. The galaxy S5 also has a larger and brighter screen compared to the iPhone 5S, this is beneficial to the customer as they are able to multitask easier and quicker. It has a 5.1 inch screen, and is equipped with gorilla glass to protect the screen from scratches. Moreover, the galaxy s5 is also dust and water resistant, which may be the most useful feature a phone can have. This allows the owner to answer a quick call or text during the…

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