Essay on Smartphone of the Year: Galaxy s5 vs. IPhone 5s

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According to techsmartt, there are twenty-five reasons why the galaxy s5 is superior to the iPhone 5s. What phone is better Android or iPhone? It has become a major question of the last decade in technology. The iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 are two of the top phones in the world right now. But which one is superior? Just by looking at both phones it is obvious that the Galaxy S5 has a much larger screen. The Galaxy S5 screen is fantastic; this naturally makes it a much better phone for watching videos on. It has much more natural-looking colors than the previous S-series phones, and is probably the best phone screen compared to the iPhone 5s. When it comes to appearance the Galaxy S5 is even more durable. It is equipped with a sturdy…show more content…
Whereas, the iPhone’s scanner only unlocks the mobile or Apple’s iTunes, the galaxy S5 works with paypal to help pay for products. This feature is helpful for those who are on the go and would prefer to pay quick and easy. What makes this phone even further advanced is the memory capacity it has. It includes an SD card, allowing the customer to simply exchange memory cards when they have run out of memory. As oppose, to the iPhone 5s the customer has to buy additional data to have more memory, ranging anywhere from 20$-100$ dollars per year. This can ultimately become a hassle and end up paying more than expected. Moreover, the galaxy s5 is greatly known for its advanced camera and video resolution. It gives the customer plenty of features and modes to take high quality photos. The phones camera has evolved to give clearer, faster multiple snaps at once capturing the best picture possible. Another, outstanding feature the galaxy s5 provides is the photo transfer. For example, when two users have the galaxy s5, they are able to send photos by connecting their phones back to back and therefore making it easier to share pictures. What makes the galaxy s5 even greater is that it is also kids friendly. Users are able to restrict access when sharing the phone with a child, by simply switching it to “kid’s mode”. It limits access to apps that aren’t so kids friendly, keeping personal information and photos safe from being deleted.

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