Smartphone 's And Social Networking

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Smartphone’s and Social Networking Lafayette Fedrick Class: ISSC340 American Military University Class number: 4349756 Instructor: Professor Venkatesh, Vijay Date: 19 October 2014 Introduction The topics that will be covering in this paper is Smartphone technology, Social Networking with Virtual Private Networks, Security and TCP/IP Networks, App Technology and Social Apps Lack of Privacy. This paper will attempt to address the security issues with each of these platforms and the future of these technologies. Smartphones The origin of smart phones, it began with Alexander Graham Bell. Bell invented the telephone in 1878 he also made the the first phone call. Motorola later introduced some of the first cellphones to the public during the 1980’s. these cell phones were nothing like todays cell phones, they were as big as a brick a weighed about the same as a brick some weighted over 2 pounds. The first smart phone that was introduced was from IBM and BellSouth, was seen by the public in 1993, it was also capable of accessing email and sending fax. Smartphones are advancing at a very quick pace and most have the ability to talk to you, answer question, turn off your lights, open doors, stream music and movies. Now there are only two main players in the smart phone arena that is Apple and Samsung. Currently, about 84% of handset sales worldwide are for devices driven by Google 's Android with Apple 's IOS mobile operating systems a distant second at around 12%

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