Smartphone 's And Social Networking

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Smartphone’s and Social Networking Lafayette Fedrick Class: ISSC340 American Military University Class number: 4349756 Instructor: Professor Venkatesh, Vijay Date: 19 October 2014 Introduction The topics that will be covering in this paper is Smartphone technology, Social Networking with Virtual Private Networks, Security and TCP/IP Networks, App Technology and Social Apps Lack of Privacy. This paper will attempt to address the security issues with each of these platforms and the future of these technologies. Smartphones The origin of smart phones, it began with Alexander Graham Bell. Bell invented the telephone in 1878 he also made the the first phone call. Motorola later introduced some of the first cellphones to the…show more content…
The reason why people are beginning to use more apps and data on their smart phones is because the speed of data keeps increasing to the point they have a home computer in their pocket. Nearly all of the smart phones in the world run on a Long Term Evolution (LTE) network or a (Fourth generation) 4G network. Most Carriers are using (Code Division Multiple Access) CDMA or (Global System for Mobiles) GSM. Therefore CDMA and GSM are the two basic technologies in smart phones networks. In the United States CDMA is mostly used and overseas/Europe uses GSM. The reason GSM is most found in Europe is because in 1987 Europe mandated that law use the GSM technology (Trade, O, p. 05). There is good and bad in both networks, but there are key differences in each one. GSM carrier put there costumer information on a remove able SIM Card, so the consumer has complete power and control of what phone they choose to use. While CDMA network you would have to get permission to use or access a difference phone on their networks. Back too 4G/LTE, these two network are the next stage in mobile networking that is suppose to deliver much faster speed than there predecessors. Now some company’s offer 4G only not the LTE, 4G is actually a High Speed Packet Access network known as HSPA. The 4G HSPA offers down speeds between 5 megabits and 8 megabits per second. While 4G LTE is considerably much faster than 4G alone, 4G LTE uses (Multiple Input Multiple Output) MIMO technology. MIMO
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