Smartphones And Its Effects On Health Care

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Introduction Smartphone use in health care settings presents many challenges including safety risks, privacy risks and distraction risks. Nurses who use their smartphones for personal use during their work shifts put themselves at risk of becoming distracted and harming their patients, their employers and themselves. Healthcare providers are becoming increasingly alarmed over caregiver distractions by smartphones. They warn that hospitals and other healthcare facilities should put policies in place that discourage the personal use of smartphones by healthcare professionals during patient encounters. The Problems Decreased Patient Safety Smartphones are known to be detrimental to cognitive performance. Their use increases reaction time, reduces focus and lowers performance of tasks requiring concentration and decision making. Smartphone users have the tendency to become so engaged in their smartphone that even though they may be looking at their surroundings, nothing actually registers in the person’s mind. We are only able to pay attention to a limited amount of information at any given moment, and using smartphones redistributes our attention resources (Preetinder, Ashwini & Tejkaran, 2012). The Emergency Care Research Institute, a non-profit patient safety and quality improvement group included healthcare professional distractions from smartphones and other mobile devices on its list of the to 10 technology hazards for 2013. This was the first time the topic made

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