Smartphones And Its Impact On Society Essay

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At first, I wanted to analyze and write about smartphones, however I found it more efficient to write also about a particular smartphone to narrow it down from such a broad technology artifact, such as answering who designed it, what for, what their position and the impact they want to have on society was, and their future visions. Therefore, I chose the iPhone as the main piece I will be analyzing and an emphasis on applications. However, some of this information is relevant and interchangeable to all other smartphones. IPhones and smartphones allow us to accessconstant information and offer it the way we want it, as it is completely customizable now to fit our learning style. They keep us organized and send information to us in different ways. Smartphones capitalize on shared knowledge and has opened the door to inventors and those who have the knowledge to make our world easier by sharing it with us to use. We are able to communicate with other people far off through space-time compression or shrinking-space to gather news and information. It has led us to be more capable and more productive.
We have access to more information on our iPhones than the combined knowledge of all humans since the beginning of time, as we can get access to thousands of online libraries, millions of books, and tens of billions of websites on our phones. We can search facts, search questions on homework; people with health problems can use specific apps to help them keep track of blood pressure
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