Smartphones And Its Impact On South Korea

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In addition to all the factors mentioned above, there are also other information that will be important for OnePlus. First and foremost, the range of screen size for a majority of smartphones in South Korea are within the range of 4.7-5.5 inches and iPhone 6 is said to be one of the smartphone with the smallest screen size which is 4.7 inches as compared to the usual size of other brands which is 5.0 inches. The demand for smartphones with screen size of at least 5.5 inches has increased and accounted for 24% volume share of total smartphones in the year of 2016. Besides, since the smartphone industry in South Korea started to market mid-to low- priced smartphones, this strategy has led successful performance in 2016. Smartphones in South…show more content…
However, as for the support activities, there was only one activity that can be relate with the evidence found. Primary Activities Inbound logistics- Carl Pei, the director of OnePlus global has mentioned that the invitation system that they have was more about managing their inventory because ordering too much upfront will give them a negative impact. By doing so, they will be able to manage the amount of devices that they sell to consumers and therefore their logistic support team will get the chance to catch up. Additionally, according to Tam and Messmer (2015), OnePlus has been able to eliminate cost of location rents, staff and etc which could actually cost them up to 35% of the final price of their smartphones. Operation- After releasing OnePlus 3, ‘The best value for money smartphone’ for this year, OnePlus surprisingly decided to announced the upgraded version of OnePlus 3 which is OnePlus 3T just after five months after they released it (Chakraborty, 2016) Outbound logistics- According to Bacon (2016), instead of using intermediary retail partners OnePlus managed to keep their cost low by selling it directly to their consumer online. As a result, in year 2016, OnePlus has shipped to over 34 countries. Therefore on September, OnePlus has announced their plan about allowing pre-order for their One phone on October. However, as OnePlus move forward to the India and Australia market, they started to explore potential partnerships

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