Smartphones And Teens : The Negative Effects Of Smartphone Addiction

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The majority of citizens today have access to a smartphone, and a large portion of a person’s time is spent on social media, research, and many other tasks. The smartphones we utilize in everyday life offer many benefits, and it is also an activity that the brain enjoys. This is due to dopamine, a chemical that is produced by the brain. This fosters an individual to further indulge in an activity. In extreme cases consequently, this can cause an addiction, which triggers an individual to be incapable of discontinuing their obsession. As a result, smartphone addiction has developed into a serious issue, especially in teenagers. Jean M. Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University and journalist on The Atlantic, shows concern when surveying her undergraduate students. As stated by Twenge, many students possessed the mindset of an addict in regards to using their phone in bed: “I know I shouldn’t, but I just can’t help it”. Smartphones have altered the United States in many positive aspects; however, there are many adverse effects that it can have on a teenager’s lifestyle. Smartphone addiction initially affects a person emotionally. When a person starts to overuse their device, they begin to uphold a life of increased isolation. This seclusion leads to the deterioration of family ties, friendships, and any other relation with the environment around the individual. Accordingly, this confinement increases the likelihood of depression and even suicide.
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