Smartphones Dependence

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The Dependence of People on Smartphones.

The excessive use of smartphones has not only changed the way we see technology but also the way we live our lives. In the year 2000, the first touch screen phone was introduced and people who loved technology were amazed by this cellphone technology that did not required a physical keypad to work or access the cellphone main menu, although not that many special features were added to this cellphone besides the digital touch screen tech lovers fell in love with this device almost instantly because of the futuristic idea of replacing buttons with a digital touchscreen. Even though this cellphone was a pioneer in a new era revolutionizing the idea of a physical keypad to enter numbers did not
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Another major and maybe one of the most influential impacts of the smartphones in our society nowadays is a system called face time or video calling, it is supposed to keep friends not just in touch but face to face using a smartphone device to see each other live. Personally, I believe face time isn’t really that bad when it comes to staying in touch with friends who live far away but I have also noticed some friends who live maybe 1 mile or 2 away from each other using face time instead to going to each other’s houses and have a conversation and enjoy friendship like in good old times now with this technology that it supposed to be facilitating our lives seems to be depriving us from life itself.
In Conclusion, I would first like to state that the reason I feel this way about smartphones is because I used to depend on the use of my smartphone more than the use of any other book, the opinion of any other person, or sometimes common sense itself. I had become addicted to the use of my smartphone and didn’t know I was excessively using my device to accomplish tasks that I would do before without the need of this device,
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