Smartphones Have Changed The Technological World

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Smartphones Smartphones have changed the technological world. With the invention of the smartphone, the world was able changed the way people communicate; it has even help developed other technologies like the iPads. The most popular mobile device is the smartphones with functions like a mobile operating system capable of running different applications similar to a computer. Smartphones have always been interesting topic to talk about especially when they have been around since 1992. The early version of the smartphone was first developed by IBM and BellSouth and was called Simon. The Simon was the right step into technology, it had the features of a phone were you could call but also had a data service. The best feature you see in the Simon was the touchscreen that would later be used in the modern smartphone. Other features would include apps, PDA and a fax machine, a feature widely used during that time. Some of the apps that were already downloaded to the phone were address book, calculator, calendar, filer, mail, note pad, sketchpad, time, and to do; very similar to apps we see in the smartphones today. The biggest problem with the Simon was the price, it was around 900 to 600 dollars and the only people with money could buy or big corporations. The Invention of the Simon lead to the creation of the Nokia 9110 communicator in 1999. The Nokia 9110 had a 4.5” screen, 640x200 pixels. It weighed 253 grams and was 27mm thick. While this phone still didn’t have the ability
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