Smartphones, The, And The Adoption Rate Of Smartphones Essay

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Background Smartphones are a type of phone that can perform many functions of a computer, typically having a touchscreen interface, Internet access, and an operating system that can run software applications. It can allow people to engage in those activities that they used to use on their Personal Computer while with more convenience in a mobile size. In 2008, only 10% of phones users in America are the smartphones users. But before the end of 2011, smartphones became the most popular phone device (Entner, 2010), and by 2013, smartphones overtook PCs as the most common Web access device, and the adoption rate of smartphones is 69% in developed countries today. [3] Mobile devices are becoming more and more commonly daily-used among the adult population in the United States and have a huge potential to advance clinical care. According to Rainie, smartphones are the majority (52%) of mobile devices owned by American adults. (Rainie, 2012) And 55% of American adults access the Internet by mobile phone (Rainie, 2012). This means mobile technology will be largely contributing to healthcare field - furthermore into mental health care. mHealth, which is growing rapidly and based on mobile applications downloaded to cell phones and handheld devices, gives a new image for delivering mental health treatment (Kazdin & Blase, 2011). “There 's an app for that.” This is Apple 's slogan for its app store. Since the creation of Apple’s iTunes App store and Google’s Android app market in
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