Smartphones, The Pocket Sized Computers Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

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Yessica Nemecio ENG 101, Section 5242 Professor Johnson 5 December 2015 Smartphones Take Over Smartphones, the pocket-sized computers are becoming increasingly popular. This year for my birthday I received my very first smartphone; I can finally understand why people are always on their phones. The invention of the smartphone has helped improve human lives in many ways; "By the end of this year there should be about 1,859.3 millions of smartphone users worldwide" (Statista). The number seems to just keep getting larger. Smartphones have everything people need in just one little device which people can take everywhere; digital camera, web browsing, Global Positioning System (GPS), media player, and a broad set of apps available to…show more content…
Smartphones having the ability to connect to the internet allows people to browse it any time they want; for example social media like: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. People can upload and update statuses anywhere they want to stay connected. People can video chat with downloaded apps like Skype, ooVoo, Google Chat, and many more. If people don’t have a data plan, smartphones allow them to connect to a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi connections are almost everywhere today, so people can be connected almost at all times. Smartphones having the ability to connect to Wi-Fi helps them not to be very expensive. With Wi-Fi, people do not have to have a data plan on their smartphone in order to surf the web. Every phone company lets people decide whether they want a data plan or not. In addition, the smartphone is like a cellphone on steroids (Logos). Everything is available on one device; not only do they take pictures but video recordings as well. The smartphone also has a GPS navigation system included as well. “The location tracking functionality of modern mobile devices provides unprecedented opportunity to the understanding of individual mobility in daily life”(IEEE Xplore). The smartphone has a media player as well; this allows people listen to music anywhere they go, and they can even plug it into their car with an auxiliary cord. Movies are also available for people to watch right from their smartphone. Apart from the media
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