Smartphones Vs Smartphone Essay

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While others prefer flip phones, I am a strong believer that smartphones are better. The smartphone was the very first phone with games, apps, and music on it. When you have a smartphone you will be informed of a lot more special events and your friends won’t forget to invite you. A smartphone also has a GPS, so you won’t get lost, and it is internet free. These reasons are why I prefer a smartphone over a flip phone.

Smartphones are made with all this coding that allows you to play games and listen to music. A flip phone doesn’t have music or games like a smartphone. The only cell phone ever made that has games and music is a smartphone. When you have a smartphone you can play games on the long trips or even just for fun.
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Flip phones have to be called or texted if someone is hurt and you won’t always know. Smartphones are easy and compatible, also they are so easy to use because of the touch screen and its compatibility with any Apple product.

Smartphones have touch screens so therefore they have a gps to help you when you’re lost. This gps will help when you are looking for a house or certain address that you can’t find. If you are in an no internet zone and need help with directions all you have to do is go on your phone, get onto the app with a map, type in where you want to go, and listen to it tell you the directions. On an iPhone it tells which direction and how many miles; with an Samsung it tells you where to go but doesn’t tell you the miles left. The best part about the gps on an smartphone is that it doesn’t need internet. Flip phones don’t have a map due to the fact that it doesn’t have a touch screen; it doesn’t have a speaker for it, and it doesn’t have enough machinery in it. If you’re in Florida and don’t know where to go, and you have a flip phone then you aren’t going to have a clue where to go unless you can read maps. With a smartphone, you don’t need a map and you won’t be lost because you have the gps inside it. The gps is so convenient because all you have to do is just turn on your phone and press the app called maps.

Basically, the smartphone just has more to
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