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Smeet Shah ENGL 1100-25 For: Lynda Daneliuk April 10th, 2017 Methods for counselling the victims of Spousal Abuse Spousal abuse is a problem which exists in many societies around the world. Violence that occurs in any relationship which is romantic in nature and in which one partner seeks to dominate the other partner is called the spousal abuse. This type of abuse occurs in husband-wife relationship, relationship between the partners who are dating each other, with common law spouses and same sex relationships. There are certain ways in which one can be a victim of this abuse like emotionally, financially, verbally, sexually, psychologically or physically. Both men and women can be the victims of this abuse. But it can be said that 90%…show more content…
But there are treatments which can help to get out of it. I would like to mention two most common approaches like family therapy and personal counselling to counsel the victims. Family therapy is given only when the victim of spousal abuse is in contact with every member of the family. This therapy guides the family members to be in touch with each other and tries to help the suffered victim, to get out from the situation by having new habits and by new ways of relating. Personal counselling is also called individual counselling. Individual counselling is a one to one discussion between the counsellor and the client, who is the person seeking treatment. It is often a route to move on (idea from: Furthermore, I would like to describe various therapies and the ways in which they are useful. To stabilize the individual and help them to achieve mastery over the situation crisis intervention is used (Caplan 1964). Techniques in crisis intervention includes: to provide an understanding that the crisis and psychological responses are linked, mobilizing social support, ventilation of feelings, exploration and promotion of alternative coping styles, promoting and planning for future difficulties. Immediate intervention should also address distorted perceptions of what has happened, aim to alleviate feelings to guilt and self-blame (Mezey 1997) and address immediate help for safety and medical attention

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