Smirnoff Ice Marketing Planning Process

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Smirnoff Ice Marketing Planning Process


This paper aims to evaluate the marketing planning process for the case of Smirnoff Ice as a top selling Diageo’s brand at the Serbian marketplace. After a brief Company profile description and its business environment, the article proceeds to discuss and evaluate steps for a full analysis of the strategic marketing planning process assessing its importance with all related assumptions.

Using the material collected after comprehensive research of the Smirnoff Ice market place and assessing the Smirnoff Ice Marketing Plan, the writer of this article tried to provide answers to the questions like: why is the marketing planning process an important tissue, who makes the strategic
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The European distribution is organized through a network of a number of Strategic Business Units (SBU) across the continent.

Strategic Business Unit out of Greece, Diageo Hellenic, is responsible for maintaining distribution of all Diageo brands on the regional level for Southern and Eastern Europe (SEE).

Part of Diageo’s overall strategy is to work more closely with companies using a network of consulting and distribution firms in different countries. Di Line, Serbia is exclusive distributor of all Diageo brands for the Serbian marketplace. Di Line maintains and expands an existing distribution network at the same time being supported by Diageo portfolio as the world 's leading premium drinks.

3. Marketing Planning Process

Di Line is under direct supervision of Diageo Hellenic, while Diageo Hellenic’s principal is the Head Office, out of UK.

The UK headquarter is responsible for the worldwide corporative coordination. All corporative-wide strategies and objectives, long-term planning including strategic marketing planning are under direct responsibility of Diageo 's Board of Directors. The day-to-day running of Diageo is delegated by the board to the CEO. The CEO is assisted in his decision making by Diageo 's executive committee, the most senior leadership team. These top executives define the Company’s mission statement:

“We want Diego to be a customer-focused, profitable distributor of beverage alcohol,

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