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My favorite Smithsonian
There are many different kinds of exciting museums to visit all over the country; however, my personal favorites are the Smithsonian museums located in Washington D.C. These three intriguing museums are the National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of the American Indian, and the National Air and Space Museum. I visited all of these museums within a 2-day span during the Summer of 2014. I have never been more astounded than when I saw the stimulating architectural design of the Museum of the American Indian that had a spiral walkway that spiraled up around the entire building. A close second to that would be the astonishing vastness of the Museum of Natural History. Finally, at the Air and Space museum hangs
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Just the building itself was captivating, with its while brick sides; however, most of the building is dark tinted glass. I walk inside and a gust of cool air hits my face. I have never seen a building as clean as this one in my life, the aroma of hand sanitizer filled my nostrils, as there were dispensers scattered beside every exhibit. The most compelling display there was the immense Boeing-747, although there were many more plane exhibits. The most magnificent of the three was the Museum of Natural History. I have never been to a museum of this magnitude. The most noticeable thing as I’m walking toward the entrance is the massive rotunda, that shone a blinding reflection of light when the sun hit it. I walked in and stared in wonder at the 20 foot tall t-rex skeleton display. My favorite exhibit was the Ancient Egypt exhibit, it included a sarcophagus, old pottery, and fossilized artifacts. As we walked around, my feet grew weary from walking through 5 stories of demonstrations and displays. It was by far my favorite Smithsonian exhibit. I feel fortunate that I was able to experience these three incredible museums. It is an adventure I will remember forever. Next time I go; I want to bring the rest of my family so I can share this captivating trip with them. Now, when I look back a warm pleasant smile spreads ear to ear, as I reminisce over this amazing
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