Smithville Instructions

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ions Table of Contents Chapter 1 Introducing City of Smithville Welcome………………………………………………………. 4 System Requirements 4 Licensing 4 Running or Removing City of Smithville Running the City of Smithville 5 Removing the City of Smithville 5 General Operating Instructions Opening the City of Smithville 5 Creating a new project 6 Opening an existing project 6 Saving the current project 6 City of Smithville Main Window Adding and posting journal entries 8 Editing/deleting/unposting journal entries 8 Working with the ledgers screen 9 Working with the detail journal screen 11 Printing Reports 12 Exporting Trial Balances 12 Completing Chapters 2 through 10 and Chapter 12 of the City of Smithville Cumulative…show more content…
You may exit the program by clicking the "X" button at the top right corner of the browser. However, you MUST SAVE your work before closing the browser window. Removing the City of Smithville You can remove the City of Smithville by deleting the “Smithville_Bingham” folder. GENERAL OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Opening the City of Smithville You can open the City of Smithville at any time by clicking on the Smithville_Bingham folder and then clicking on Start_Student.exe. The application requires the Web Browser pop-up blocker be turned off in order to run the application properly. [pic] Creating a New Project Before creating a new project, if you need the instructions for Smithville, click on “Open Instructions.” To create a new project, click on “Create New Project” in opening window. The Create New Project dialog will appear, as shown below. [pic] Enter your first and last name then click [Create]. You should save your project folder in the Projects folder located in the Smithville_Bingham folder created when the downloaded files were unzipped. For your own protection against hard-drive failure, you should create a dated backup file at the end of each session on a removable disk (CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive). This step creates the accounts and funds that you will need to complete the “City of Smithville” cumulative problem. The main project window will
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