Smoke Persuasive Speech

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Did you know that roughly 36.5 million adults smoke cigarettes in the United States alone? Every year the number of smoking related diseases climbs by the 1,000’s, right now there is over 16 million Americans that live with smoking related diseases. The act of breathing in smoke without the actual intent to is called “passive smoking”, it’s also known as “second hand smoke”. The harmful chemicals that get released into the air whenever a smoker lights up, gets inhaled by you, and everyone else in the remote area. Breathing in the toxic air makes it dangerous for everybody, from women that are pregnant plus the unborn child that she is carrying, to children that already have a long life ahead of them, even your pets are at danger.
Children that are exposed to passive smoking are more prone to health issues, rather than kids who have not been exposed. Kids that are around cigarette smoke, and have been breathing it in over a period of time are more likely to contract more upper respiratory and ear infections, along with a longer recovery time. In the year of 2014 half of the children in the United States from ages 3-18 years old
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Whenever the mother breaths in the affected air, the baby also breaths in the air already damaging their developing lungs. In along with affecting their lungs, it also increases their heart rate. In the United States alone an estimated 34,000 babies die yearly a premature death, do to the harmful effects of passive smoking. Women that are carrying a child, and is exposed to cigarette smoke largely increases the chance of miscarriages, premature labor, and even ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome’, also known as ‘SIDS’.along with learning deficiencies, There is even some evidence that suggest that secondhand smoke exposure can increase the chance of childhood cancers, Not only are pregnant women and children affected, even your innocent pets are at
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