Smoking And Public Health And The Role Of Health In Public Health

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This essay aims to address the issues associated with smoking, its impact on the public health and how this can be tackled through health promotion, therefore the role of the nurse will be explored in respect of the nursing contribution, especially primary care in community settings. The current national and international policies will be considered as a recognition of its impact to the public health, conjointly how these can support the nurse in delivering the health promotion. Finally, the implications for future for Public Health will be considered.
The smoking cessation was witnessed by the author throughout her placement. This was used on a daily basis in the community by district nurses, health visitors, but especially by the general practice nurses as being incorporated in each consultation in the form of advices, leaflets, smoking cessation programs including medication and follow-ups.

Public Health
As an executive agency of the Department of Health (DOH 2017), the Public Health England collaborates and share information and statistics by the government, local authorities but also with the NHS. Their focus is to protect the health of the nation not only in case of disasters or emergencies, but also in case of the spread of diseases or illness causes by unhealthy lifestyle choices. As such, the health promotion was found to have a substantial impact on the population choices and health determinants in the direction of promoting health and

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