Smoking Ban. Introduction And Thesis:The Smoking Ban Is

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Smoking Ban Introduction and Thesis: The smoking ban is to prevent health risks, and ensure a better economy and cleaner environment. The first ban was in 1575 to ensure no smoking in all the churches in Mexico by the ecclesial council. Even though there is so much evidence to easily ban smoking it is still a huge debate. Point 1: Health protected Although this may go against freedom of choice, it may reduce people having health risks. The ban will reduce nonsmoker’s chances of getting second hand smoke. Not only diseases are contracted by smoke but there is a high chance of premature deaths to occur even if you do not smoke. CDC (Central Disease Control) has found that with the Smoking ban enforced the number of hospital…show more content…
The plant is very toxic and contains DDT, (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) Aldrin and Methyl Bromide which are powerful enough to destroy the ozone. According to Giovanni Invernizzi there are more than 4,000 chemicals in each cigarette and they are nonbiodegradable. In his studies, found that cigarette smoke causes air pollution and is said to be more lethal than diesel gas. The pollutants in the cigarettes may also contaminate the water source and make it an unreliable water source. When the consumer is finished using the cigarette they will often just toss it without putting it out, then it will cause a wild fire. Rebuttal 1 Negatively effecting the economy. Although smoking is bad it is good revenue for the government to use towards public services. This may also will have the smokers to pay more if they choose to smoke (Owyang). The people who are against the ban claim it also may take away jobs. There is about 136,000 workers and 114 factories across the world if the ban is in place there will be a high rate of unemployment. Rebuttal 2 Freedom of Choice Though the ban may save lives, the ban may not be great because it goes against the Americas freedom. Peoples freedom and their right to choose would be abolished. The cigarettes are legal an easy to buy so it should be legal to smoke anywhere outside if it is not harming anyone. The smoke may just evaporate in to the air but it could
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