Smoking Causes

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Causes of Smoking Smoking used to have a reputation of being good for your health, but the more that it was studied, it was found to be very harmful, and often deadly. Cigarettes have many negative affects on the people who choose to smoke, and also anyone around them that is forced to breathe in their second hand smoke. Smoking has been known to harm nearly every organ in the body, and leads to death in many cases every year. Every year, there are 480,000 deaths in the United States that all result from lighting a cigarette. It has also been estimated that one in every two smokers will die as a direct result of smoking diseases. When someone chooses to smoke cigarettes, they are choosing to inhale all of the nicotine from the cigarette. Nicotine is an addictive drug, which explains why it is a difficult habit to quit. Once someone inhales this nicotine, their brain will begin to develop extra nicotine receptors, and these receptors will crave more and more nicotine. Smoking is not only harmful to the person's brain, but it also has been known to raise the blood pressure in most people and stress out their heart, resulting in their heart weakening. The blood in the body will slow and begin to thicken, making it harder to pump and increasing the risk for blood clots to form in legs, lungs, and the brain. Smoking has also been found as the leading cause for heart disease and heart attacks. If someone is choosing to inhale the dangerous smokes from a

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