Smoking Cigarettes Persuasive Essay

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For thousands of years now, cigarettes have been used by a variety of people. The majority of people who smoke cigarettes know of the consequences that come with smoking; they are aware of the potential danger they are causing to themselves and the people around them. As the government, you may encounter economic benefits when people buy cigarette packs; however, these economic advantages get outweighed by the disadvantages that also come included. I believe that as the government, you should ban cigarettes in the United States, in order to prevent economic issues, littering, and prevent your people from getting lung cancer. Smoking cigarettes may lead to drastic illnesses. A very common illness that comes with smoking cigarettes…show more content…
People may argue that because every pack of cigarettes contains a high tax, then it is benefiting the economy by giving the government more money. Although this may be true, our economy is also struggling because of smokers. Furthermore, medical bills have to be paid when a smoker gets lung cancer and has to get treatment. While smokers may be giving the government a larger amount of tax money every year, they also increase the medical bills and cause their job companies to lose money. According to an anti-smoking campaign, studies show that medical costs decreased in a six month period. In this article, “Anti-smoking Drive To Cut Health Costs”, Darren Gray mentions that in 1997 the estimated health-care savings were more than $24 million. He later analyzes that “The savings were attributed to a reduction in the incidence of lung cancer, heart disease and strokes - but could be even greater because the analysis did not include the effects of passive smoking”. This just proves that even though buying cigarettes gives the government more tax money, it also decreases the government’s money for people who have health insurance and need that money to pay for lung cancer treatments. If cigarettes were to become illegal, not as many people would continue to buy them, because they do not want to commit crimes; therefore, leading to less medical issues related to tobacco smoke. Moreover, many may argue that even if cigarettes
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