Smoking Cigarettes Should Be Legal

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A publicity campaign hoped to scare smokers straight by investing $54million in a commercial of cancer victims showing the truth behind smoking. The commercial was spread across the country; on televised public service announced, billboards and posters. The commercial showed a former smoker Terrie, 51, entering a room, putting on false teeth, pulling on a wig, and exposing the hole in her throat. Terri 's hole In her throat is called a stoma; a hole made in front of the neck to create a door for her windpipe to access air and reach the lungs. But the only way of getting throat cancer is smoking cigarettes, so why take the risk?
It is estimated that approximately 5.5 trillion cigarettes are produced worldwide each year and are consumed by over 1.1 billion people, which is one-sixth of the world population. Cigarettes are diseases stored in a wrapped package with a bow on it ready be sold. Cigarettes shouldn 't be legal any longer because of the deaths and illnesses it causes. Such as throat and lung cancer emphysema and bronchitis. According to, the main three components found in cigarettes are nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide along with tobacco. Tobacco is only one ingredient-one ingredient of 600 ingredients inside cigarettes that were kept a secret until April of 1994. Research by Fowles, Bates & Notion Ph.D in Environmental Health supports that when the cigarette is lit, more than 4,000 chemicals are created, fifty one of these chemicals are
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