Smoking Effects in America

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The drug rearranges the chemicals in the brain, dopamine and noradrenaline, causing a change in mood and concentration, giving off a feeling of relaxation. The drug elevates the mood and heart rate but doesn't last for very long. Once the nicotine leaves the body, the addiction begins and a craving for another cigarette begins. Without replenishing the nicotine in the body, the body endures unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. The more someone smokes, the more the brain gets used to the drug, so a higher nicotine intake would be needed to get the same effect on a person who has been smoking all their life. With an addiction so strong, the surgeon general's study shows that nicotine has the same addiction, possibly even more, and behavior characteristics than heroin. Forums have been made requesting help on relationship that have problems because of the use of tobacco smoke. Replies showed two sides of people: those who are for and those who are opposed cigarette smoking. Those who are for the use are usually smokers themselves. Explaining the addiction of the drug is a smoker's reason as to why they partake in the drug although they know how life threatening it can be. Those who are opposed the use of tobacco are typically nonsmokers who explain the dangers in health and well-being of smokers. Tobacco companies influence public policy and legislation in America every day.…
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