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A cigarette is made up with very dangerous chemical called nicotine, which is habit- forming chemical. Smoking tobacco has been very addictive parts of many people’s lives. In the united states, I have seen a lot of people smoking in a different place like bars, parks, street, bus stations and parties. I have also seen the people who smoked in, no – smoking zones.
Despite knowing the fact that the cigarette contains very dangerous and toxic chemical, people still smoke them. Although many people who smoke say that smoking is their addiction, which makes them feel relaxed and happy, they should know that smoking can cause serious health issues and affects the environment negatively.

Firstly, people who smoke usually notice that there
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At the end, he died after being hospitalized for a month. Sometimes, my friends compel me to smoke and have some drinks with them, but after that incident, I usually move far from smoking and drinking.

People who smoke have thought that smoking is their addiction, which makes them feel relaxed and happy. When I recommend for them to stop smoking, they say that once you get addicted to smoking, it would be hard for them to quit. When I heard this statement, I recommend to them that when there is a will there is a way. I feel that it’s their personal choice to do this but then also there are other ways to get relaxed which might not be harmful for them. I am glad that as a college student, I’m addicted to sports which helps me to stay on the discipline and to remain healthy. There are many causes behind the fact of smoking among students. They smoke because they are eager to know and want to go deep down in the world of those who smoke. Some students smoke just to have fun. Other students smoke because of the family issues. “Moreover, “Despite having good knowledge about the risk of cigarette consumption, nearly 25 percent of medical students thought that smoking has some beneficial effects.” (Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Tobacco Smoking by Medical Students in Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia). They smoke to cope with their peer pressure and to relieve stress throughout the study. People

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