Essay on Smoking: Hazardous to Your Health

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Smoking: Hazardous to Your Health

A about two weeks ago I read an essay called, “Thank You for Smoking…?” by Peter Brimelow. This essay’s main point tries to explain how smoking can be beneficial in some ways. Brimelow’s essay claims smoking can help while driving. Brimelow also thinks smoking can help protect personal freedoms along with benefiting health in some ways (141). Nonetheless, cigarette smoking is the single most preventable cause of premature death in the United States (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report). Clearly then, smoking is a very hazardous activity and causes many deaths.

Driving and Smoking

Brimelow informs his readers that smoking can increase alertness and dexterity which
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Many times when I exit a building, I walk through a group of people smoking. This is a very frustrating and annoying experience. Even a few moments around smoke causes my clothes and hair to smell. Although sometimes there are alternative means of getting out of the building, it is not always convenient or possible. It would be much easier and more pleasant for many people if smokers could help prevent this unnecessary and unwanted occurrence by smoking in a designated, alternative area.

Health Issues

According to Brimelows’ essay, smoking may decrease some diseases and cancers by up to 50%. One of those cancers is of the prostate. Prostate cancer appears 50% less often in men who smoke as compared to those who do not. These reports are backed up by multiple studies (Brimelow 142). This is information that cannot be ignored. However, there are only a few diseases and cancers these studies claim smoking can help prevent. At the other end of the spectrum, there are numerous types of other diseases and cancers that have been linked to smoking. Many have a direct correlation. Cigarettes are responsible for about 87% of lung cancer cases. They are also responsible for over 100,000 deaths from lung cancer in men and women each year (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report). Brimelow states that “…it appears the human system can clear the effects of three to five of the (much stronger) pre-1960 cigarettes, if dispersed across a
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