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In current events, a huge issue among state and city lawmakers all over the country is the debate over whether or not smoking should be banned in public places. Many argue that allowing people to smoke in public places proposes serious health risks for innocent bystanders. Though the health risks are high, many still oppose the proposal of such laws. Business owners presiding over such establishments as bars and restaurants worry that the smoking bans will severely hurt their revenues if passed. While this is an understandable concern, the health of our communities citizens is much more important than the loss of a handful of customers for businesses.
     Recently, the House of Representatives approved a bill
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Brian Dunsmore, opposed to the bill said, “What are we going to say to our veterans? Those veterans fought, were injured, and died to secure the very liberties this bill is taking away.” Is the smoking ban really an infringement on the citizens liberties and individual rights? Isn’t allowing people to smoke in public places is a step toward protecting their liberties and individual rights? Shouldn’t a non-smoker, who is just as constitutionally protected as the smoker beside him, be allowed the individual right to protect his personal health? The bill, in reality, is a bill proposed to help protect the patrons of businesses that currently allow smoking inside of their establishments. Rep. Francis Brooks stated, “My smoke from my cigarette should not be going into your lungs. It is not a case of taking rights away from someone who fought for this country.” It was suggested at the hearing that the clubs and bars might actually profit by offering a more welcoming and health conscious environment for customers.
     This assertion has been found to be true in Boston, Massachusetts. A recent report from Harvard researchers says that the cities bars and restaurants have gained customers and added jobs since a statewide smoking ban took effect. According to this
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